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Qayamat is a story of a young and beautiful girl whose life decisions are dominated by those around her. Eventually, all hell breaks loose when the people closest to her repeatedly make the same mistake making her future bleak. Ifrah along with her parents and elder sister Samra belongs to the lower middle class and believes in hard work and honesty. Ifrah and Samra’s parents are put in a tough spot when Ifrah’s uncle Mukhtar asks for Samra’s hand in marriage for his son Rashid. The families agree to the proposal without taking Samra’s approval however soon after marriage Samra suffers mistreatment from Rashid until she meets a tragic incident leaving Ifrah to face the dire consequences.
Unable to learn from their past mistake, Ifrah’s parents agree to the wishes of Mukhtar and Rashid leaving Ifrah alone. Despite being aware of Rashid’s vicious and ill-behavior, will Ifrah follow the path of her elder sister Samra? Or will she forsake her true self in the need for revenge? Despite all the hardships and the pain of losing a loved one, how will Ifrah respond to the situation around her?
Written by: Sarwat Nazeer
Directed by: Ali Faizan
Produced by: Abdullah Kadwani \u0026 Asad Qureshi
Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment

Cast :
Ahsan Khan
Neelum Munir
Amar Khan
Haroon Shahid
Saba Faisal
Shabbir Jan
Kinza Malik
Sana Fakhar
Mizna Waqas
Haris Waheed



9 Jun 2021



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Sane Miriam
Sane Miriam Vor Tag
Inke abu khud juwari aur awara they par hypocrisy yeh ke abu masoom aur Rashid bura(Jo ke woh hai)
Sane Miriam
Sane Miriam Vor Tag
Urooj ko talaq hui hai ifrah bibi aids nahi had hai zalalat ki iska matlab yeh aurviski behan bhi sab deserve krti thi
Sane Miriam
Sane Miriam Vor Tag
Such a cheapster ifrah is She thinks urooj is suitable for her budha baap Matlab had hai Yehi option tha iske paas Khud ki nazar asal mai jawaad par hai
Aleeza Zaid
Aleeza Zaid Vor Tag
Hr koi shadi k wqt bx mrd ki hi khushi chata hy Aurt jaey bhar me
Aleeza Zaid
Aleeza Zaid Vor Tag
Glt kia ifrah ny Buddhy bap ki shadi jawan lrki se kradee yaaaakkkk
Abdur Rahman AADI
Neelum Munir is a fake actress n her acting is also fake
Ayaz Attari
Ayaz Attari Vor 2 Tage
Ep no???
Sam Baloch
Sam Baloch Vor 3 Tage
What a joke.
Tehreem Fatima
Tehreem Fatima Vor 3 Tage
Boht c khamiyaan hon ge mujh mein Mgr main Ehsan framosh Nhn hon... Love Urooj 😘😘
Aayat Alim
Aayat Alim Vor 4 Tage
Buddhey se shadi karwa rahi h.... koi urooj ki jod ka dekh lena tha ifra ne ladka..selfish ifra
md mehraj uddin
md mehraj uddin Vor 4 Tage
Young lady to old tree Yai log razi kaisai hotai samjh k bahar hai Bhai yai drama waqiya mai drama hai 🙄🙄
Lubaba Zahid
Lubaba Zahid Vor 4 Tage
This is social tragedy that a divorced woman with kid has no other option but to marry an old man boys can only flirt with them but can't accept them as wife
syed kazmi
syed kazmi Vor 4 Tage
Bintul Hodebiah
Bintul Hodebiah Vor 4 Tage
Bekar seem
Shuveb Khan
Shuveb Khan Vor 4 Tage
Selfish ladki ifrah sharm nahi aati ishko
Bilqees Channa
Bilqees Channa Vor 4 Tage
Aqal Bari Hai ya bhains...🙄
Muhammad Junaid ul islam
Waiting for next episode,
Shaista Shabbir
Shaista Shabbir Vor 4 Tage
Why does a woman have to marry a guy to be secure? Marrying is a good thing but we've put so much weight on it that people are willing to get married to people 50 years older than them just because they think it will give them security
Afzal Mirza
Afzal Mirza Vor 4 Tage
This is only drama 🤣🤣🤣
Shabana Khan
Shabana Khan Vor 4 Tage
Konsa drama hai
Gosia k
Gosia k Vor 4 Tage
Base on conserve mentality.. totally wrong..
Abrar Ahmad
Abrar Ahmad Vor 5 Tage
langor ko ingor mil gya 😂😂😂
Daily Routine
Daily Routine Vor 5 Tage
Bara chalak hai fayaz b phly inkar kr rha tha shafi k liya ab jawan larki mili to foran man gya😆😆😆😆😆
Bassam Saleem
Bassam Saleem Vor 5 Tage
See you😺🌺♥
Bassam Saleem
Bassam Saleem Vor 5 Tage
Mubarik hobuhat bohut
Bassam Saleem
Bassam Saleem Vor 5 Tage
Ap ka abo man ga
Bassam Saleem
Bassam Saleem Vor 5 Tage
Qyamat 🅱
Kavita Singh
Kavita Singh Vor 5 Tage
Ifrah ne galat Kiya ye step sahi nhi laga mujhe
Mishah Javed
Mishah Javed Vor 5 Tage
Manaal Siddiqui
Manaal Siddiqui Vor 5 Tage
This is so disturbing
itx almost sim
itx almost sim Vor 5 Tage
اسلام اعلیکم میں ایک غریب سٹونٹ ہو..😭 دو وقت کی روٹی 🌯 کمانا مشکل ہو گیا ہے؟😭 پلیزمرے چنیل کو سپورٹ کری🙏💖 اللہ💖 آپ کے ماں باپ کو لمبی زندگی دے آمین۔۔۔۔شکریا..............
Sun shine
Sun shine Vor 5 Tage
Wat a hypocrite ifrah is..For her rashid is misfit but for urooj her father is perfect..if she was so nice she would have helped jawad getting married ti urooj...but i think she wants to keep jawad for herself
s rp
s rp Vor 5 Tage
True exactly
Aasma Jabbar Official
Nadra khala bechariii😂😂😂😂
current sharma
current sharma Vor 5 Tage
How can ifra even justify that her abbu is a good life partner for urooj. .. He is of her dad's age how can she even look at him that way????? Kuch bhi it's clearly visible that she is marrying him just for the sake of her daughter.
J Noor
J Noor Vor 5 Tage
That's very wrong
HusNain KhAn
HusNain KhAn Vor 5 Tage
Yaar nit good urooj khush ni lag rahi bilkul bhiii
Feroza Aktar
Feroza Aktar Vor 5 Tage
I feel so bad for Urooj 😔😔😔. Ifra can helped Urooj on the other way . ?? Ifra took decision as a selfish .
Haseeb Mughal
Haseeb Mughal Vor 5 Tage
بہت ہی بکواس ڈرامہ ہے
it's khooh BTS army 💜💢
Serial nme...
Sarah Khan
Sarah Khan Vor 6 Tage
Ifrah ne khud ki umar ki ma dhundi h 😁😁
Mehak Fashion
Mehak Fashion Vor 6 Tage
نا کوئی وڈیو نا تصویر ۔پھر بھی کروڑوں جاں نثار محمد الرسول اللّهﷺ❤️
Arzoo Sehar
Arzoo Sehar Vor 6 Tage
😲😲Nadra Khala ka Kia Bany Ga... 😂😂😃😃Bechari Shadi k lye kia kuch Kar Rahi hy...😄😄Sach Man Asa hua to Bechari k Sary Lalchi khawb Tout Jaen gy😃
Akramulla Khan
Akramulla Khan Vor 6 Tage
Neelam tum ghalat shadi kare,ab budhea ku ye khubsurat ma....khilate..bade miya.. .
Aisy Uncles With bachiyaan Bahria main Nazar aajaty hai 😂😂😂😂
Arzoo Sehar
Arzoo Sehar Vor 6 Tage
Mehwish Qadir
Mehwish Qadir Vor 6 Tage
Kmal he kuch es lrki pe rhm kr lo... Bchae mlnae hen to budha he thiek wah kmal he
Huma Abrar
Huma Abrar Vor 6 Tage
Ifrah has secured urooj and her daughter's future
Saba Choudhary
Saba Choudhary Vor 6 Tage
Neelums dress is very nice
Amlan Sabita
Amlan Sabita Vor 6 Tage
Anything can happen in Pakistani serial.. Ifrah seems so selfish to marry off urooj to a old man
All time hits Bollywood
Khud 2 young ladkon ke sath aysh kr rahi aur urooj jo usse kahin zayada pyari h uske liye expires date ka buddha Hahaha
Heena Patel
Heena Patel Vor 6 Tage
Really, is this kind of things are okay there??? I ws a fan of this drama.... But this twist shocked me.... Marring with the man of ur Father's age.... Is this the solution???
irene villani
irene villani Vor 5 Tage
Its a drama not real life .
irene villani
irene villani Vor 5 Tage
Everyone saying its wrong
Saira banu Shaikh
Getting her married to someone so old is not the right thing to show....really feeling bad for Urooj😔....I am amazed and shocked by ifrah's decision 😳
Saira banu Shaikh
@Rohan Rana 😊😊....no , have watched only 5 episodes
Rohan Rana
Rohan Rana Vor 4 Tage
@Saira banu Shaikh leave it..ma'm . Allah is seeing what is bad..or what is good..ok Have you watchd all episode of KHUDA MOHABBAT (season-3) ?
Saira banu Shaikh
@Rohan Rana i believe in evrythn that is halal (permitted by Allah SWT).......and when i pointed at what ifrah did (getting urooj married to her father) altough its not haram is islam but yes ifrah could find some other way round 😊....but when you directly jumped and became specific then it wae offending....nywys am glad that we have come to a conclusion 🙂🙂
Rohan Rana
Rohan Rana Vor 5 Tage
@Saira banu Shaikh jo v ...halala to hoti h n..? chlo achi bat h ki tum ye ni manti ho...or sayad krna v ni chahogi...bcz' bad is bad...' it doesnt see any religion...ok .btw sorry to say the word 'tumlog'.😂😂
Saira banu Shaikh
@Rohan Rana see again tum log 🤨....firstly halala is different and halal is different so here you need to do your Homework....secondly we understand it already that where we need to improve and where not so lets not point each other🤫
Safina Banu
Safina Banu Vor 6 Tage
Stupid!! Woman should be taught to be independent, why does woman be OK marrying an old man but not fight for her own child and rights?
Mrs Khan official
Sb tow esy cmnts kr rae jesy such me Neelam muneer ne shadi krwa di ho....ye ek drama hai...haqeeqat nh
Lubaba Zahid
Lubaba Zahid Vor 4 Tage
Our society is full of such things esa hi hota he haqeeqat me be
Lubaba Zahid
Lubaba Zahid Vor 4 Tage
Our society is full of such things esa hi hota he haqeeqat me be
Nazia Yasir
Nazia Yasir Vor 6 Tage
Abbu ki lotery nikal gai h😄
Aisha shamshad
Aisha shamshad Vor 6 Tage
Arooj or abu ???????
Saf 84
Saf 84 Vor 6 Tage
Just because she is divorced has a child...marrying someone her fathers age. Ifra this was not it. Compatability bhi aik cheez hoti and that too very important. Majboor hai yeh nahi matlab baap se shadi khrwa doh. Kisi ke majoboori ka faida na utayeh. Max a 15yr gap ok its sunnah either way but 20 yaha tho there's a 30yr gap
All time hits Bollywood
Jawad ke pane ke liye bechari irooj ko takluu buddhe se bayah diya, shame shame
Gosia k
Gosia k Vor 4 Tage
@Shahla Bou if something going to bad with u it doesn't mean u think to same for others.
Shahla Bou
Shahla Bou Vor 4 Tage
What about ifrah she married a mAn who mistreated her sister and killed her and she is young beautiful had to get marry to such horrible person who previously married with a daughter maybe what happens to urouj is not fair but at least she is marrying a good person
Gosia k
Gosia k Vor 4 Tage
That was my point..it's so annoying
Rafat Jahan
Rafat Jahan Vor 5 Tage
Ye if rah k decision nhi ...director ki dimag k khel h...😁
Hafsa Zahid
Hafsa Zahid Vor 6 Tage
Sach my ifra urooj sy apny baba ki shadee karwana chahti hai strange
Simmi Akhter
Simmi Akhter Vor 6 Tage
Aisa nahi hona chahiye tha
Shahida Rajput
Shahida Rajput Vor 6 Tage
نیلم منیر نادرا خالہ سے شادی ہوتی تو اچھا تھا عروج کی شادی اس بھڈے سے نو نو نو
Sabir Khan
Sabir Khan Vor 6 Tage
Han yr ☹
moonxliiqht Vor 6 Tage
Sidra Niazi as Urooj is a very good fit! I can’t imagine someone else being her!!
Asima naseem
Asima naseem Vor 6 Tage
Bewaqoof wala drama
Nazmul Huda
Nazmul Huda Vor 3 Tage
Yeah drama bevkuf wali track per hai
Nazmul Huda
Nazmul Huda Vor 3 Tage
Sahi bol rahe ho aap
Sulsabin Nitol
Sulsabin Nitol Vor 6 Tage
sadaf saadi
sadaf saadi Vor 6 Tage
ifra k abu ko kbi nhi manna chaye tha apni beti ki age ki lrki sy shadi krny k liye
Sane Miriam
Sane Miriam Vor Tag
@Hadiya Ashraf with consent Mohabbat ki shadi krna different hai But iss tarah majbori ka faida uthana just because she is divorcee
Hadiya Ashraf
Hadiya Ashraf Vor 4 Tage
@Shuveb Khan india mein bhi aise serials bnte h dude jst watch dil sambhal jaa zara
Shuveb Khan
Shuveb Khan Vor 4 Tage
Sabir Khan
Sabir Khan Vor 6 Tage
Sahi kah rahe ho
Sana Khan
Sana Khan Vor 6 Tage
Very bad ifra
Never Give up
Never Give up Vor 6 Tage
This is not the only option ifrah had
Maryam Sikander
Maryam Sikander Vor 6 Tage
Bht bht wrong kr re ha urooj k lea ... urooj young larki ha .... itna old age k sth shadi bht h wrong haaa
Parmjit Kaur
Parmjit Kaur Vor 6 Tage
Ifrah is very clever. Ose yeh shadi nhi krvani chayia thi Apni age ki ladki se
Mohammad Zubair
Mohammad Zubair Vor 5 Tage
@Asma Khatoon vese Maza Nahi Aya..... Behtar hota uruj ki shadi jawad k sath hi Hoti......
Asma Khatoon
Asma Khatoon Vor 6 Tage
@Mohammad Zubair yaar majburi
Mohammad Zubair
Mohammad Zubair Vor 6 Tage
Usne Nahi karai..... script writer ne karai☺️😛😝😜
Areena jabeen
Areena jabeen Vor 6 Tage
میسج پڑھنے والے جا تیرا نصیب مکہ مدینہ میں ہوں مجھے لائک کریں سېكراهب کریں پلیز و
Akhtar Abbasi
Akhtar Abbasi Vor 5 Tage
Aatish E Ishq
Aatish E Ishq Vor 6 Tage
اس نے یونہی کہا تھا میرے ہو ہم کسی اور کے ہوئے ہی نہیں
Hina Muqadas
Hina Muqadas Vor 6 Tage
live love laugh
live love laugh Vor 6 Tage
Yr kya ..me apni dost ki Shadi Apne baap k sath krwadu
osama aqib
osama aqib Vor 6 Tage
Oyeeee khala nadraaa
Master collection
Chal kya raha h is drame m....
Dil Tukray Poetry
*آپ لوگوں کے ہوتے ہوئے مجھے کوئی سسسکرائئب نہیں کرتا.💑😆😆💑💑 بہت افسوس کی بات ہے🙈😍😚😚.😚💔💔💔😍😍......🙈..🙈..*
germany family tv
All time hits Bollywood
Ye kaisi baat h bechari ko takluu buddhe se shadi karwa rahi, beti ki umar ki biwi.
Marwa Saie
Marwa Saie Vor 6 Tage
neelum 💖✨ and urooj
kitchen routine
kitchen routine Vor 6 Tage
kitchen routine
kitchen routine Vor 6 Tage
Zeenat Khan
Zeenat Khan Vor 6 Tage
Plz uplod nxt episode
Help me reach 2k sbs without any video
To be rejected by someone doesn't mean you should also reject yourself
Aqsa Habib Ch Vlogs
At some point, You have to realize that some people can stay in your Heart, but not in your Life.
I Love Madina Status
"Hey I'm poor" I want to raise my family poverty" "But DEbins is not giving me views" "Ya I am worse than other🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲😫😫
Hammad Fans
Hammad Fans Vor 6 Tage
OoK but I m a fan of Hammad Khatri. He hearing impaired DEbinsr. No one notices him. His channel name *Hammad Khatri*
Amra khan
Amra khan Vor 6 Tage
Neelum munir ❤️❤️❤️
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Babys erster Urlaub
Aufrufe 143 Tsd.
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